Friday, March 30, 2007

a question

Okay, I've got a question: Why is it, in a nation that insists that we cannot pay for useful, economically beneficial things like higher education and universal health-care (No New Taxes!), we dont seem to have any trouble with having a "defense" budget that is equal to the rest of the world combined?

After all, isnt that much like paying taxes to police the rest of the world?


United We Lay said...

Excellent question, and one that this Administration will never answer. Government is not for the people. It is to protect those with finanical interests in the country.

daveawayfromhome said...

Maybe that's what it is, but not what it's supposed to be. Not only the government, but the people who elect that government that government have forgotten. We've "privatized" the business of taking care of the People's needs, from the government, to the corporations who benefit from its policies. And like most privatizations, it's not saved a dime, it's lowered the quality of service, and it's enriched the fatcats who provide the "service" at our expense. However wasteful the government might be, it wasnt set up to enrich individuals.