Monday, June 21, 2010


Well, on the longest day of the year, allow me to apologize for the (especial) lameness of my blog lately. I've been busy doing various things, from long workdays to reading the entire Something Positive archive. Oh, and I've been bored silly with my blog. Haiku-level bored silly (though I wont do that to y'all again).
Oh, and have I mentioned that I've been working days for the last three months? Yeah, it's made home life much better, and I can actually sleep my six hours or so unbroken. Truly, it is an age of miracles.
Anyway, dont give up. No matter how boring or stupid this thing may get, it'll never go away until they pry the keyboard out of my cold, dead fingers.

addendum: Actually, it wont go away even then, not for a while, anyway, as I've generally got a half-dozen things or more pre-loaded (mostly for holidays that I've found something for afterwards, and so put up for next time).

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Saur♥Kraut said...

Hey hon! Email me at saurblog at hotmail dot com and I'll fill you in! Thanks!