Friday, July 16, 2010

hmmm, again

Okay, so the "polls" keep talking about how Obama is "slipping" in the polls, and how high his Disapproval rating is. Funny thing about all these polls, there have been ten times as many gallup polls during the Obama presidency as there were during Bush's (twenty times as many as during Reagans).
You dont suppose they're looking for something, do you?

So far, most of what they've found is a lot of conservative bluster. I especially find this one... amusing?... where they claim that Obama's numbers are weaker than they appear because "the president has a 91 percent approval rating among black voters", who apparently dont count, I guess, when one considers the American Public.

Truth? While I'm not crazy about the job he's doing, he's still doing okay. God knows he's probably doing better than McCain/Palin would have done. At least the rest of the world only dislikes us now, rather than loathing us.

Addendum: Are they looking for something, or trying, through their questions, to create something?
On the one hand, this makes me question the whole idea of polling. On the other hand, such a (desperate?) quantity of polling makes me think that perhaps polling is accurate, more or less, because they seem to hoping to find something (or again, create something - I cant decide which).

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Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Good facts on the over-polling to try and prove a point.

Desperate bastards.