Thursday, June 09, 2011


- Hey, do you like Pac-Man? I mean, really like Pac-Man?

- Before I die... (via)

- Make your own candybars. (via)

- Want to know why America is doomed? Here's why. The solution to the problem is included, too, but I believe it will never, ever be acted upon in this generation.

- This may be the ultimate expression of the mad idea that the free market can solve every problem. No, probably not, I'll bet I can come up with something stupider if I think about it, but my head hurts too much right now. (via)

- The Chrome Experiment (via)

- Here is the future for our state-run institutes of higher learning, how our own home-made aristocrats will control them. This is privatization incarnate, the ultimate goal is control, and profit from that control.

- Teachers will appreciate this more, perhaps: the most popular names for CEOs in 2010. Compare with the most popular baby names in general. (via)

- On buckets and boomers (we're makin' a list).

- You Thought Birthers Were Bad? Seriously, WTF?!

- On revealing true colors.

- Axe Cop videos!

- Art made with crayons. No, not art made in crayon, with crayons!

- Just because black people dont like you doesnt make you a "victim" of racism. (via)

- Republicans ought to contact Mr Roarke about accommodations for the next GOP convention, maybe. Boss, da plane, da plane! (via)

- Is it the Rapture, or is it something else? (via)

- Ever hear of an Armonica? Me neither.

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