Sunday, July 24, 2011

return to values

So, yesterday I watched Richard Lester's wonderful Three and Four Musketeers. The films are both action filled and hilarious, with lots of fine acting and fantastic details. But what struck me the most was the fight scenes. In an age when every fight scene has slow motion bullet dodging, incredible, acrobatic leaps and tumbles, and swordwork that could only be performed by a person with 360 degree vision and several brains working at one time, it was really nice to watch people fight as if they were real people really fighting. There was stumbling, there was awkwardness, there were slightly panicked yells for another sword. It was quite refreshing.
So if you have Netflix and feel like watching a fight that doesnt look like it's all bluescreen, wirework and CGI, try out a little Musketeers*.

* Pick the right one, though, there are some real crap versions out there.

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