Friday, April 27, 2012

quote for the day

First, from the Harvard Business Review:
More than ever, X'ers are being challenged to invent their own path forward. As it has been before, that path will almost certainly be less guided by conventional rules and less dependent on traditional institutions, than by X'ers' own sense of self-reliance and quest for multiple options. I encourage X'ers to re-imagine the next 30-50 years of your life: most of you won't have the institutionally-funded retirement options that many Traditionalists have enjoyed or the housing-based nest egg that provides many Boomers with the flexibility to blend volunteer and paid work over the years ahead. But you have your own ingenuity and entrepreneurial skills with which to build a unique future... X'ers should avoid even trying to follow the Boomers' path and, instead, have confidence to bring your own pragmatic sensibility both to organizational leadership - and to the design of your own life plan.
Then, Ed's reply at Gin And Tacos:
This is almost indistinguishable from the advice we might give someone on their way to prison: Figure it out, and good luck. Mom and Dad had pensions and job security, we have our "own sense of self-reliance and quest for multiple options." Neat.
Now, I love Gin And Tacos, but in this instance, I think Ed missed the mark. Close, but no cigar, Ed. The message here is not a shrug and a "good luck, kid", it's that old standard of the Grand Ol' Party: Fuck You I've (or We've) Got Mine (Ours).


Pryme said...

Why can't it be both?

Compromise, Ya'll! :)

daveawayfromhome said...

True, they both show a lack of any real concern. The GOP, however, in my opinion, takes that further to the level not only of uncaring, but outright contempt, hence the "fuck you" which pretty much everything they do contains hidden within.