Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a thought

So I had this idea the other day after reading about widespread cannibalism in parts of Europe during the 30 Years War:

You know how there's this zombie craze going on these days. Well, what if it's really a mass premonition of civil war working itself out in our cultural art? I mean, think about what a civil war would be like in this country should we have one. No neat North/South division for us this time. And our food is rarely locally grown, so an interruption in food supplies would be inevitable, as would shortages of pretty much everything else. We are no longer a locally supplied society.
So, now imagine a starving populace, war-torn and without most basic health-care stuffs. We'd be gaunt, and perhaps bloody. Many would have wounds or sores. And we'd be hungry. Once we'd run out of food, and local wildlife, and pets, where might at least some of us turn?


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Pryme said...

"We are the walking dead!"