Wednesday, July 18, 2012

gaming lifestyle

Okay, so I was never a very good candidate for military service (I have kind of a problem with authority, i.e., they need to earn the respect that they expect from me)(and to have grumble-free obedience, too), so perhaps I'm not well qualified to speak on this subject. But it seems to me that to give someone a medal who's never actually been in danger of anything other than carpal tunnel syndrome rather cheapens the medals given to all those who've actually risked life and limb (or lost them) in wartime. Feel free to honor drone operators for a job well-done, but for "Distinguished Warfare"? If this doesnt drive home just how out of touch the people who run this nation are from the folks who actually do the dirty work, I dont know what will (unless it involves a lot of dead babies).

Who'll get medals next? WoW players?


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