Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I have posted this for reasons


Addendum: Okay, the hints not enough, because the above-linked quiz doesnt actually contain the photo which I "fixed". Here's the story: There's this quiz, above, testing how "OCD" you are. It contains 11 photos which ask you to rate your level of discomfort with. I came out perfectly sane, not because the situations in those photos wouldnt have made me crazy, but because they were photos. I could see the wrongness, but there was nothing I could do, and so nothing to worry about. Dont fret over what you cant fix.

Then I remembered Photoshop.

And was compelled to fix it. Yes, I could have ignored it. I really could have, I swear. I resisted fixing all the images in the quiz, didnt I? I fixed it largely as a joke, which sadly, I'm not sure anyone got, because nobody made comment on how I actually fixed the problem rather than being bugged by it; and how much more "OCD" (as it is popularly defined these days) can you get than fixing a photo from a website?

Seriously. That's just nuts.

I'm glad I'm not that crazy.

More Addendum: Okay, maybe just one.

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