Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dave's Blogtroll, ver. 4.0

The whole concept of the blogtroll was to share with everyone some of the cool blogs that I'd come across while using the "next blog" button. That's the button that used to be in the upper right, but got moved to the left. I'd almost given up on doing this anymore, the crap level had gotten so high, but just this morning I tried it (to get examples to carp about) and lo and behold! never once did I get that goddamn "bestest blog ever" or a sex blog that leads only to the "next" sex blog. Amazing, blogger may be redeemed after all.

Some blogs you might wish to peruse:
Democratic Newsroom (Newsguy, formerly of the Skeptical Observer)
skeptikos: a philosophical journal
Haphazard Musings
Monkey Eggs
Rational Rant
Pop Culture Whore
The Liberal Doomsayer
Black Cat Bone
Imaginariums (in spanish)
The Osterly Times
Terrorism News
A french spanking blog, i shit you not
* Ziggy Was Here
Sexculturas (beware the pop-ups)
HyperGeometrical Universe - The Theory of Everything (science? or bunk?)
Not The Country Club
A Slip of a Girl - Lingerie Blog
My 2-Second Shelf Life
Citadino Kane (I cant read it, but it has cool pics)
Hotel Room Nudes
* Morbidly Amusing Videos
Watergate Summer
Johnnie Scoutten Fine Art
* Holes and Halos
Cats alors (French cat lover)
brewski's (AKA hotrocks) new site

* (indicates a dead blog)

A few specific posts of note:
Seriously, dude, too much 3000.
"The Assasin of Democracy"
lego ice cube trays
post about a deserted amusement park
how to draw leafy borders:
Parade Magazine article about whether the U.S. is still no. 1
geo-thermal HVAC system
Conservatives and Progressives, Switch!
Is America's Right Wing Becoming Fascist?
"my cubicle" video
"naked humanity"
Article containing Wm. F. Buckley's thoughts on the drug war
FUTURO HOUSE! A spaceship-like house
GOP "most wanted" playing cards
biblical Legos
Article about women and thinness
Lab-Pixies, interesting stuff to embed


Bill said...

Cool. Maybe I'll start writing about interesting things on my blog now that I know people can actually find it. ;)

rev. billy bob gisher ©2008 said...

ok i just used next blog for the first time and got:

1) vixit, a blog with the absolute worst photography i have ever seen.

2)you not funny- i lifted this quote from the blog, "My car is fucked up. I need four new tires before I can get the car inspected; the inspection was due in January."

3) Marketing Catalyst, another quote lifted from this blog, "At the Marketing Catalyst blog I share what I find and what I think I know about marketing and sales of legal and accounting services"

4) ,أحزاب سياسيه على أسس دينيهحبيتين اسبرين
ده طبعاً علشان مايحصلش فتنه طائفية في البلد
لكن للأسف ما طلعش عندهم رؤيه أوسع من كدهكا

5) Jasminembla Comments, a site truly made for the mentally deranged. you have to see this one for yourself:

anyway, after 5 next blogs i realized what a true hero you were to sift through all this shit, and i gladly defer this responsibility to one greater than i.


Saur♥Kraut said...

Awesome! That lab pixies site is fantastic!

daveawayfromhome said...

@ Bill: saying that I can find it, and saying that people in general can find it are two completely different things.

@ the Rev: you know, I found you trolling the blogs. Also, I'd love to know why my computer seems to have an arabic font display, but cant see the Japanese ones (even though my I-pod can).

@ Saur: Yeah, that contained some farly cool things. The blog I got the link from didnt make the cut, though.

NEWSGUY said...

Wow, Dave you have a collection of very weird blogs there. And then you have mine. I am honored to be listed with some of the most off-center blogs in the blogosphere. Thanks you.

It's always interesting to visit your blog for your comments on the passing scene.



You're teh appreciated. Thanx for the shout out.

FYI, I get a referral from your site almost every day.