Thursday, August 05, 2010


- an interesting post about race and America.

- Did you know there was a Coffee Party? (via) (Official Site here)

- Hey, John Bohner's right! The America he grew up in is dead. But I'm pretty sure it wasnt Obama who killed it.

- Adventures in Urban Farming.

- I was going to pull a good quote from Matthew B. Crawford's excellent book "Shop Class As Soulcraft: An Inquery Into The Value Of Work", but transcripting is a lot of work, so instead I'll just use someone else's work.

- There's often a fine line between satire and real-life behavior, so fine that sometimes it's hard to tell whether something is one or the other.

- We know the game is rigged, but how do we respond to it? (via)

- The tenets of Dieselpunk culture.

- Getting your own Ansel Adams print the "easy" way. Or not.

- Gardening? Piss on it! (We may need to).

- Are Americans the best damn buggy whips money can buy? (via)

- a proposal that would really solve the world's deficit problems, possibly without raising taxes (maybe even lowering them). It will never, ever happen, of course.


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