Thursday, August 19, 2010


- Republican Philosophy: If it's promoted by the other side, then it must be bad. Seriously, the Democrats need to come out in favor of more things that everyone needs, just to make Republicans oppose them.

- The Nietzsche Family Circus. Dunno why it works, but work it does.

- Imagine this, if you will: A Conservative cabal conspires in voting fraud. Okay, so it's Digg, but is anyone really surprised that they're gaming a system? (via)

- That damned hippie Einstein!

- "We will not have a conventional business recovery now, but rather a long hangover of debt liquidation and downsizing". sigh...

- Giant Puppets in Berlin!

- Tiny house! Honestly, though, what are these folks doing that most people didnt do a couple hundred years ago? I mean, aside from doing it in a much more pleasant and modern manner. (via)

- a business jargon translator (via)

- A Republican who gets it. It cost him his job, but hey, he gets it. The article also contains a pretty good alternative to cap-and-trade (which is a lousy compromise idea anyway).

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Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

As always, a marvellous collection.