Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dave's Comix list

So, yeah, I've largely given up reading obsessing about politics and such. Mostly these days I read comics, just like I used to back when I was blissfully unaware of the world.

True Daily Comics:

Candorville (or here)
La Cucaracha

Daily Comics:

Dumbing of Age
Girls With Slingshots
Little Dee
Nerf This
Savage Chickens
Quantum Vibe
Questionable Content
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Supermassive Black Hole A*
Too Much Information
Wapsi Square

Several-Times-a-Week Comics:

Accursed Dragon (m-th)
The Adventures of Superhero Girl (t f)
Alex's Guide To A Well-lived Life (m w f)
All New Issues (t th)
Alone In A Crowd (t f)
Bashert (m w f)
Candi (mttf)
Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell (tues and thurs)
Does Not Play Well With Others
Dr McNinja
El Goonish Shive (m w f)
Evil Diva (t th)
The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon (m f)
Girl Genius (m w f)
Looking For Group (m th)
The Lounge (m w f)
Out At Home (w f sn)
Penny and Aggie (m w f)
Penny Arcade (m w f)
Pilli Adventure
Sam And Fuzzy (m w f)
Sandra And Woo (m th)
Scary-Go-Round (m-th)
Scenes From A Multiverse
Selkie (m th)
Something Positive
Treading Ground (m w f)
Twilight Lady (sun-tue-thur)
xkcd (m w f)

Fairly Regular Comics, but not real frequent:

Artifact (tue fri)
Bedhead (w)
Brightest (m)
Co-ed (on hiatus for summer?)
College Roommates From Hell
Curvy (saturdays, nsfw)
Endstone (m th)
Fey Winds (w)
GrrlPower (m)
Johnny Wander
Miamaska (th)
Oglaf (sun, NSFW)
Rusty and Co. (w)
So Damn Bright (m)
Spacetrawler (t s)
Tom the Dancing Bug (weekly)
What's Shakin' (m)
Zap (tues)

Whenever Comics:

Amya (w, maybe sat)
Artiste Gullible
Dawn of Time
Dresden Codak
Flat Philosophy
Hark, A Vagrant! (on hiatus until 5/22)
Head Trip
Kukubury (on hiatus until... who knows?)
Nobody Scores
Octopus Pie
Scandinavia And The World
Scout Crossing
Toilet Genie
Trying Human
The Wotch (on hiatus)


the Brother said...

What!? No Pearls Before Swine? You're missing out, Bro.

daveawayfromhome said...

meh. I can check out pearls via the Houston Chronicle link on the sidebar, and since it allows me to look at a week at a time for a whole month back (unlike Bizarro), that's generally how I handle reading that one. This list is less for reader edification than it is to give me a simple way to do my daily comic reading.

Pryme said...

No "Funky Winkerbean?" I am the shocked.

daveawayfromhome said...

Same as "Pearls". Except for the viewability. I used to check up on Funky pretty regular, but lately it's just getting to be such a downer. Judge Parker is more fun, anymore.

Anonymous said...

Heya, I'm the guy who does Selkie, thanks for the link. ^^

daveawayfromhome said...

You're welcome, I'm enjoying it.

Coffinshaker said...

What's Shakin' guy here! Thanks for the link!

And I must tip my hat to you good sir! I have finally met my match with someone with a read list longer than my own! lol! XD