Monday, September 13, 2010


Seriously, what the fuck?

Okay, fine, do it. I didnt plan on voting in November anyway, maybe now I'll vote for a teapartier instead. Seriously, everybody out there who can vote in a teapartier (or a similarly whacked-out member of the GOP) into national office*, do so, please. I want to see the government shut down by these lunatics. Let them slash taxes until they're almost gone. Why disolve the nation slowly with spineless enabling like the Democrats are currently doing, when we could instead just slam the lever into reverse, ripping the whole damned transmission right out of the Vehicle of the State. Some people seem to think that government is unnecessary, perhaps it's time to show everyone just how necessary it is.

* Dont let them into local government. The nation can survive a few years without form, your local infrastructure may not.

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