Saturday, October 09, 2010


For every "small" businessman bitching about having to pay tax at the same rate they were before the Bush regime bankrupted the nation, there are two American workers having to work weekends with no overtime pay because "times are tough" and "competition is fierce" (and, unspoken, or not, "lots of people would love to have your job").

It should also be pointed out that higher taxes are an incentive to reinvest the money in your company. Lower taxes mean more that owners can take home, and less to pay workers. It is profits that are taxed, not expenses.


I should point out also that, ironically, small businesses are being treated by their clients in pretty much the same way that small businesses treat their employees.


Pryme said...

Here, here!

Mermayde said...

I agree! The laws of the land are very opposed to the everyday worker. Reagan did a great deal of damage by breaking the back of many of the major unions.