Monday, May 23, 2011

Dave's Comix List, mk.II

So, as you may or may not know, I use this list to bookmark all the comics I read. But the list was getting a bit ungainly, and taking up a lot of my time going places where nothing was happening, so I've rearranged things a bit to make better use of my time online.

Check these comics daily:

Accursed Dragon (t th)
Bizarro (7) (or here)(or big and square here)
Conspiracy Friends
Dr McNinja (m w f)
Dumbing of Age (m-f)
Evil, Inc.
El Goonish Shive (m w f)
Frazz (or here) (7)
Girls With Slingshots (m-f)
Heavenly Nostrils
Kliban (m w f)
Leftover Soup (m w f)
Little Dee (m-sat)
On The Couch (t f?)
Penny Arcade (m w f)
Questionable Content (m-f)
Real Life Comics
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (m-f, maybe ss)
Scenes From A Multiverse
Something Positive
Ted Rall
Wapsi Square (m-f)
xkcd (m w f) - (xkcd explained!)

check these comics each Thursday

Calm Blue Oceans
Candi (mttf)
Chaos Life
Chippy and Loopus (m w f - sort of)
Commissioned Comics
Extra Fabulous Comics
Hamlet's Danish
I Am Arg
Johnny Wander
The Junior Scientist Power Hour
Life on a Stick
Mary Death
Nuclear Delight
Octopus Pie
Our Super Adventure
Please Listen To Me
Poorly Drawn Lines
Savage Chickens
Stranger Danger (Thunderskull Press)
Tom the Dancing Bug (weekly)
Too Much Information
Two Guys and Guy
Unintentionally Pretentious
Up and Out
Zen Pencils

Check these the first Tuesday of the month:

Alex's Guide To A Well-lived Life (m w f)
Amazing Super Powers
The Bouletcorp
Dresden Codak
Faraday the Blob
For Lack Of A Better Comic (m w f)
Hark, A Vagrant!
Head Trip
Help Us Great Warrior!
Incidental Comics
Internet Webcomic
Let's Be Friends Again
Lighter Than Heir
Liz Climo
Liz Prince
Mitch Clem's tumblr (Nothing Nice To Say seems to be gone)
The Norm
Oglaf (sun, NSFW)
Phuzzy Comics
Rusty and Co. (w)
Safely Endangered
Scandinavia And The World
Space Avalanche
That's Inhuman
Three Word Phrase
The Wanderlust Kid (done?)
Wasted Talent

These comics, quite frankly, move too slow to read them daily, and have too many pages or too slow a connection to back up the required number of pages. So instead, I'm linking the last page I read, and every once in a while (say, end of June-ish this time), I'll read from there on.

2D Goggles, or, The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage (I've read the first four stories)
AHT Space
Athena Wheatley
Best In Black
Blade Bunny
Blaster Nation (sun)
The Brightside
Bunny Wiggins
Curvy (definitely NSFW)
The Dreamland Chronicles
Eerie Cuties
Family Man
The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon
Fashion Forward
Fey Winds (w)
The Forgotten Order
Guilded Age
Hell On Wheels
Hell To Breakfast
The Hero Business
The Hues
Jonathan Dalton
Kay and P
Let's Kill Gods
Life Under Construction
Little Guardians
Living To Death
Looking For Group (m th)
Love Me Nice
Max Overacts
Mock Girl
Modest Medusa (m w f) (was here)
Monster Pulse
Mystery Babylon
Nerf This
933 Dollars
Not A Villain
Not Invented Here
Odori Park
Oh, Goodie
O Human Star
Olympus Overdrive
One Girl Guy Army
Out of My Element
Paradigm Shift (may be abandoned)
P. I. Jane
Platinum Grit
Power Nap
Punch an' Pie
Real Cane Sugar
A Redtail's Dream
Road Apples Almanac
Run Freak Run
Sandra And Woo
Sandra On The Rocks
Sakana No Sadness
Sarah Zero
Selkie (m th)
Slightly Damned
Slimy Thief
Sluggy Freelance
Shi Long Pang, the Wandering Shaolin Monk
Sourcery 101
Spare Keys For Strange Doors
Star Cross'd Destiny
Supermassive Black Hole A*
Supernormal Step
Toilet Genie
The Trenches
Trying Human
Twice Blessed
Twilight Lady
Two Kinds
Walking On Broken Glass
The Watcher of Yaathagggu
We Shadows
What It Takes
What's Shakin'
Wilde Life
Wonder Momo
Woody After Hours
The Wotch
Zombie Roomie

Okay, the same as above, only moreso. Or maybe, these are just better enjoyed in large chunks. At any rate, I should not open these until Christmas:

Alfie (NSFW)
All New Issues (t th)
Amazing Agent Luna (sabbatical until Sept?)
The Amazing and Remarkably True Adventures of Kim and Amy (may be kaput)
Between Failures
The Big Crunch
Chapel Chronicles
Dead Winter
Decrypting Rita
Does Not Play Well With Others
The Dreadful
Edmund Finney's Quest To Find The Meaning Of Life
The End
Evil Diva
Fractured Tea
Freefall (m w f)
Free Will: the Orphan Temp
Geeks Next Door
Giant Girl Adventures
A Girl and Her Fed
Girl Genius
Go Get A Roomie
Grim Reaper School
Groovy, Kinda (ending soon?)
Grrl Power
Gunnerkrigg Court
The Hues
Impure Blood
I Want You To Feel The Pressure
Kukubury (probably done with, though not finished)
Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether
L.A.W.L.S., also Alt
The Last Halloween" - (Abby Howard's Comic)
Let's Speak English
The Lounge (restarted?)
Lovecraft Is Missing
Love Is In The Blood
Ma3 (NSFW)
Makeshift Miracle
Marry Me
Meaty Yogurt
The Meek
Misfile (m-f)
Monster Soup
Never Saw That Coming
No Need For Bushido
No Pink Ponies
Pilli Adventure
Prague Race
Puck (was here)
Quantum Vibe (m-f)
Rachel and Penny
Red Moon Rising
Schlock Mercenary
Scout Crossing
Sidekick Girl
Skin Deep
Skin Horse
So Damn Bright
Solstoria (read in 2015)
Something Something Life (w)
Subhuman Sanctuary
Table Titans
Tara Normal
Threads From The Blue Rock Tapestry
Turbo Defiant Kimecan
Twenty Four Seven
Widdershins (there ought to be at least on full story done by then)
With Fetus
Yellow Peril

in the middle of these, and they are taking forever:

Bruno the Bandit
Gunshow (going backwards)
The Illustrated Guide To The Law (waiting for the Criminal Procedure section to be finished)
Left-handed Toons
Promises, Promises

Okay, listen, these are all good comics, but somehow I just dont bother reading them. It's not them, it's me. Really.

Citric Comics
The Devil's Panties
Sam And Fuzzy (m w f)
A Softer World

These are finished, or no longer updating (or at least dont seem to be), or something, but are still worth reading the archives:

The Abaddon (finished, I guess)
The Adventures of Superhero Girl (hiatus till forever)
Alone In A Crowd (indefinite hiatus)
Amazing Agent Jennifer (finished, sequelled in Amazing Agent Luna)
Apple And Kiwi (abandoned?)
Artiste Gullible (abandoned)
Astray (abandoned)
Avalon (finished - abruptly)
Bagdrop (finished - abruptly)
Bashert (had a baby)
Big Fat Whale
Bite Me (finished)
Blip (hiatus? Dead?)
Bobwhite (finished)
Bravoman (finished)
Bucko (finished)
Cardigan Weather
Corporate Skull (probably abandoned)
College Roommates From Hell - (now CRFH, and rebooted-ish)(or not)
Comic Rantz (last updated June 6, 2012)
Dar (finished)
Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell finished
Dawn of Time (finished)
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant
Dominic Deegan, Oracle For Hire (finished)
Demonology 101 (finished)
A Dollar Late And A Day Short (totally erratic; I've read thru 1-27-15)
Eat That Toast (abandoned?)
Ellerbisms (finished)
Errant Story (finished)
The Everyday
Exploitation Now
Failure To Fire (ended, but doesnt end)
Fans (finished, I guess)
Gin And Comics (abandoned?)
Girly (finished, NSFW)
Greystone Inn
Hatefarm (finished or abandoned?)
Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name
Jerk-Off Comics (abandoned in favor of animation?)
Jigworthy (finished)
Khaos Komics (finished?, but with some other NSFW stuff here)
Kiosk: Life In Neutral (might update once every few months)
The Konamis (abandoned?)
The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (finished)
The Loneliest Astronauts (finished)
Merceneiress (finished... probably)
Mitch Clem's various works: Nothing Nice To Say, My Stupid Life, San Antonio Rock City (all kind of abandoned, though he could come back to them... again.
Narbonic (the Director's Cut) (finished) -- and, related: Lil' Mel
Nobody Scores (abandoned, I guess)
One Of Those Days
One way (finished)
Out At Home (finished)
Ozzie And Millie
Pants Are Overrated (finished)
Penny And Aggie (finished)
Perry Bible Fellowship
Pinky TA
Pirates of Mars (m th)
Planet Karen
Queen of Wands (finished)
Quiltbag (abruptly ended)
Red String (finished)
Rob and Elliot (abandoned?)
Scarf, by Emmy Cicierega
The Secret Life Of A Journal Comic
Serenity Rose (3 chapters finished - will there be more?)
Shortpacked (m w f) (finished)
Sidewalk Bubblegum (finished, political, still relevant)
Sin Titulo (finished)
Snowflakes (finished?)
Spacetrawler (finished)
S.S.Myra (sooo NSFW)
Starslip (finished)
Torch (appears to have been abandoned)
Treading Ground (m w f) (finished)(see The Idle State, abandoned)
A Twisted Line (abandoned?)
The Vortex Machines (finished)
We The Robots
Wanderlost (ended)
Yu+Me: Dream (finished)


Sean (the floating head of UP) said...

Hey, thanks for adding Unintentionally Pretentious to your list of Thursday comics!

Brad/Leslie said...

Thank you for noticing us! We were pretty ecstatic to see us posted here, and we hope you continue reading!

You're awesome and this list is awesome and we're proud to be on it, you awesome guy you.

somethingsomethinglife said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I hope you'll keep reading. May I ask how you found my comic?

somethingsomethinglife said...

By the way, if you like "Scenes from a Multiverse," and you haven't read "Goats," I highly recommend it. It was Jon Rosenberg's previous comic that he put on indefinite hiatus about a year ago, after the heavy continuity got overwhelming.

There haven't been any updates since then, but there is a huge archive that is very entertaining and infinitely re-readable (especially once the grand story arc gets going). It's frustrating that he isn't updating it any more, but he has said he's planning to return to it eventually. Maybe when his kids leave for college.

daveawayfromhome said...

@ Sean, Brad, Leslie and Alex: Thanks for making great comics. As for how I found them? I'm not sure. Usually it's via an ad, but it may have been some comic artist's list also. Cant remember, honestly. But keep up the good work.

Jake said...

Thanks for adding Modest Medusa!

daveawayfromhome said...

No problem Jake, I enjoy it, I share it.