Saturday, December 10, 2011

disappointment reigns

So, you can see yesterday's post a couple of entries down the page, yes? So, if you read this blog you know that I was anticipating this event. If you know me you know I was excited by it. So what did I get? First of all, I got clouds. Not at 4:30 am, apparently (judging by a quick look out the window, admittedly, before going back to bed), but plenty at 5:30, when the eclipse was supposed to start. So I checked the weather sites, determining that there were clear skies to the north and to the east. So I headed north. More clouds, but, occasionally, the moon would peek through. Uneclipsed. In any way whatsoever.

Turns out, that the site that gave me my information neglected to say that the eclipse wouldnt actually be visible here, even though it said it would. I could have watched in Hawaii. But not here.

Lesson: dont trust the internet, kids!

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