Thursday, November 08, 2012

quote for the day

"I can’t think of anything more conceited than prayer.

"I mean, let me say in the first place that there is no spiritual world, so it’s a waste of time to begin with.

But let’s assume for a second that God is real. You really think he’s going to personally intervene in your situation and radically, miraculously alter the laws of physics and time just to give you something you want? Who the fuck do you think you are?! Even if he says he loves you, so what? Jesus was tortured to death. Babies die of starvation in Africa and Asia all the time. Politicians get cancer. Planes crash. 30,000 get wiped out in a half-hour because the sea floor farts, creating a tsunami.

But sure, yeah, the guy who lets this happen is going to magically fix your stupid kid’s diabetes because you took 30 seconds to bug him about it. That’s why he created the universe and killed himself. Because you and your stupid problems are so terribly important to the guy who supposedly invented black holes.

See, even if God is real, your faith is irrational and small-minded."

The Virgin Prince (via)

I dont consider myself to be an atheist. I suspect that there is a form of higher intelligent organization. Whether it's some sort of meta-mind, or an actual bearded dude in a robe, I dont know. But I'm reasonably sure that whatever God may be, God is not the petty, spiteful, mean-spirited egoist that the most vocal of Christians in America (and elsewhere) make him out to be.

Let's include Muslims and Jews in that column also.

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