Thursday, August 01, 2013


Hysterical Literature is a sort of portrait series by the artist Clayton Cubitt. It involves the mind/body split, female sexuality, history, and literature. It manages to be (probably) NSFW and yet, unless you know what's going on, absolutely safe for work. It's a lovely idea, one that I'm rather jealous of not having been even in the ballpark of, as this seems totally original, yet almost obvious at the same time.

No, strike that. It's not obvious at all. It is rather clever though.

I originally debated about how much information to give out about the "portraits". I thought that, at least with the first one, not knowing what exactly was going on would be best. I still think that.

When I was younger, I wanted to create photographs that moved. Not films, not videos to be presented on a television screen (for those were the choices at the time). Sadly, I could not do it. Now, at a time when I dont really do much photography, flat monitor, the animated GIF, and a different perspective on how we see imagery has all combined to make my youthful dream a mundane reality. These portraits are like those images I dreamed of, taken to an even higher plane.

They contain a battle between mind and body, of sorts. Of sorts.

Best of all, it's in my favorite medium, black and white.

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Chance said...

Hey D, glad to see you're still at it. I'm trying to get back on the bloghorse myself. Ha! I'll post like twenty times and then stop suddenly for another six years.

Also, yeah, that's a cool project.