Thursday, August 08, 2013

quote for the day

"The darkest lie we tell ourselves: that we and our writing are not worth a bag of microwaved diapers. Listen, I don’t know how talented or skilled or capable you are. Hell, maybe you’re not that great. But nobody got better by feeling bad about it. You have one of two choices: you can be destructive to yourself or constructive. You can tear yourself down or find a way to build yourself up — and I don’t mean build yourself up with compliments but build yourself up with skills and abilities and the practice that gets you there. You suck? That thought sucks. Get better. Improve. Aim big. Give yourself the chance to fail — and then give yourself a chance to build steps from the corpses of your failure so you may climb higher every time. You don’t become a writer by feeling sad about your self-worth. The only sucking you need to do is to suck it up and do the work. Everything else is a consumptive distraction."

Chuck Wendig (via whatamidoingeven)

When I first started this blog, I'll admit I had dreams of someday writing for a living. I now know this probably isnt going to happen. No, that it is very, very unlikely. Oh, who am I kidding. But that's no reason to give up writing. Maybe that's why I keep this blog going, despite the fact that almost no one reads it. Practice, practice, practice.

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Anonymous said...

Not quite no one. Keep going.