Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dave's Top Ten thoughts after the election

10) I think that Republican-linked corruption in this administration is huge, especially as regards the Iraq War. Congressional investigations are going to turn up abuses that will make Teapot Dome look like someone stealing office supplies. Assuming, of course, the Dems do their job.

9) No more blank cheques for Georgie Boy (or rather, there damn sure better not be!)

8) Okay, so the Democrats are in control of Congress. We're still not going to be quit of Iraq anytime soon, it's just not that easy (and anyone who thinks it is is fooling themselves). Congress needs to also focus on Who's Responsible? and What Were They Thinking?

7) Whatever else happens, let us all pray that Halliburton be revealed as the War Profiteers that they are, and that all connected with them are held accountable for that. Incidentally, I think that war profiteering (or, at the least, the more egregious cases of it) should be held as treason.

6) The GOP did a hell of a job poisoning Pelosi for me. Or did I just not care much for her to start with? I'll try to withhold judgement, and be objective about her, but it wont be easy.

5) Did anyone else notice gas prices going up? The day after the election, gas prices along my 20-mile drive to work went up an average of 5¢ a gallon. Imagine that! You'd think they'd have the subtlety to wait a few days, at the least.

4) All the worries about electronic voting fraud seems to have been for naught. NOT! Dont get comfortable. Two possibilities occur to me: 1) most of the time, the alterations seem to hit in the 3%-ish range, which could mean that the Democrats won even with electronic fraud, but now it looks like they didnt win by as great a margin and so have less of a "mandate" (there's an abused word if there ever was one). 2) Republican cheaters are waiting until 2008 to impliment vote-rigging; in a long term sense, it's better to loose in 2006 than in 2008, and a fraud-free election now makes it easy to steal the election later.

3) Despite all the excitement, let us not forget, these are still the same Democrats who offered little besides whining, hand-wringing, and enabling for the last 6 years.

2) Another reason not to get comfortable: Despite the sweep of Democrats into power, it really doesnt represent a major shift. This year the country voted a couple of points to the left, but without being given good reason to stay there, the country could easily swing back.

1) Thank God that's all over. I was really getting sick of all this political crap. It's important, I think, but damn I'm tired of it. I may just spend all of November posting only about frivolous stuff. Woo-hoo!


js said...

I'm with you on most of it Dave. But on the Iraq thing instead of trying to place blame or fault the first thing they need to focus on is how to get us out of there without leaving a cluster fuck that we will have to fight for decades to come. It would be very very bad in my opinion if Iran took over Iraq. That would be a bad thing. We have to figure out a way to deal with the folks out there that hate ALL of us, not the reps or dems or whoever they hate us all evidently. Anyway thats my take, I hope the Dems succeed in making us better, as you know I'm still against some of their fundemental theories but if we become better as a whole I can deal with it.

Bro said...

If you notice, alot of these new hires might be Democrats, but they are pretty middle of the road to conservative, regardless. That gives me a bit of hope for two reasons: 1)I might not like the Republicans (or at least what those in charge have done to the Republican party), but I dislike the far left just as much, and 2)maybe with the help of the few moderate Repubs left, they can get together and act like adults. I know, call me a dreamer.

I also agree with JS on not running right out to form lynch mobs on those responsible, even though they deserve it. It would be satisfying in the short term, certainly, but in the long run, I think it would hurt their chances in '08.

As far as Pelosi is concerned, the GOP didn't need to ruin anything for me, I already don't particularly like her. Too many occurrences of her mouthing off, getting all righteously indignant, and taking it wayyy too far, to the point of backlash, and taking the attention off of the particular original sin she was railing against. I will say, though, that to her credit, she's said all the right things since Tuesday.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Wanna take bets on when the first republican makes a speech and say, "Where's your plan to get out of Iraq?"

js said...

The big thing about Pelosi is that the people don't know her. If she stays low key and doesn't act crazy then she will increase their odds in 08. I don't think the majority of the Dems are for San Fran values at least not the ones who voted this election. I really don't care who is in power I just don't want my taxes to go up and dont like the huge amounts of money we give away to people who couldn't GAF about us or give us any respect for what we do for tham.