Sunday, November 05, 2006

last one today, I swear

Len may be on sabatical, but the Existentialist Cowboy continues to rock. This tidbit from Damien:
"The U.S. Constitution [Art 1 Sect 7] requires the President to sign or veto any legislation placed on his desk within ten days (not including Sundays). If he does not, then it becomes law by default. The one exception to this rule is if Congress adjourns before the ten days are up. In such a case, the bill does not become law; it is effectively, if not actually, vetoed. Ignoring legislation, or “putting a bill in one’s pocket” until Congress adjourns is thus called a pocket veto.

Congress passed 6166 on September 29th, presented it to the President on October 10th, and adjourned on October 13th. Bush signed it on October 17th, the week after Congress had adjourned, thereby rendering it “vetoed” by constitutional standards."
How cool is that? Too bad we'll have to depend on the legal stylings of the Bush Cabal to actually enforce such a veto, whether it was intended or not.

Addendum: I've been thinking about it, and this approach to getting rid of this bill is probably not going to work, because he did, after all, sign it seven days after Congress gave it to him. Recess or not, he signed it. So if we want to restore any sense of American moral high ground at all, we're going to have to repeal the legislation, and even if the Dems take over Congress, they havent got the balls to do that.
Welcome to America, take your banana and do as you're told...

or are you a terrorist?

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