Friday, November 03, 2006

Our pointy-haired leaders

dont tell me what I want is impossible, I'M the decider here.  You know, lots of people would love to have your job.Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else seem to have a mini-George Bush as a boss? Not that your average boss has ever been short on cruelty, arrogance or/or stupidity (in some professions it seems to be a requirement), but does it seem worse lately? As if somehow Dubya-Bubble has made it okay for bosses everywhere to ignore reality in order to impose their vision of the world on the rest of us, however badly it may work in real life. My wife's last boss was Lord Bush in heels, a petty, vindictive, cronyist who valued "loyalty" over performance and is continuing to destroy her school despite the opposition of the entire neighborhood around her. My own boss shrugs off complaints with his mantra of workers having to become more "adaptable", while ignoring the problems of the here and now.

Or is it just me? Maybe I'm missing some crucial element here... hair gel, maybe?


Omnipotent Poobah said...

I can't say my immediate boss is a hairball, but many companies spout useless crap about being adaptable. Actually, my current company isn't that bad in that respect.

I know, I'm one of the fotunate few.

js said...

That sucks if her boss is an ass. The best results are gleaned by being respectful and honest with your employees or those under you. If everyone hates the boss in the neighborhood why isn't she replaced, fired, removed or whatever?

daveawayfromhome said...

js, remember how you're always spouting on about the evils of gov't-run schools, and I'm always disagreeing with you? Well, the Dallas school district is strong ammo in your favor. Cronyism, nepotism, racism, and all sorts of other isms rule how DISD is administered. Children and education dont seem to be an issue (no -isms there, I guess).

Poobah: my boss goes through the fashions faithfully. We spent a few years following the "minimal inventory" fashion, and, inevitably, found ourselves overnighting supplies in at double-cost to make up for unexpected orders, and underestimations. Clothing isnt the only place where stupid ideas seem wonderful (at the time).

js said...

LOL @ isms!
I like Dallas, I work there often. And they have an awesome ummmmmmm underground poker game!
My theory has to be right Dave because if it wasnt folks wouldnt send their kids to private schools, there would be no reason to.
And just so you know, I like your blog because even though you are ummmmmm a little left of my position (haaaa) you tell it like you see it even if it is my way, thats the only way for change and improvement and neither party is willing to do that and that is fucked up for us minions who are forced by law to oblidge.
The cool-aid drinkers worry the shit out of me, on either side, I know on the blogs we both comment on I am the rare, I say centerest you say righty, but to have a good country with good policy and happy people everyone always needs make comprimises.

100farmers said...