Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Dave's 2012 booklist

“Printed books will never be the equivalent of handwritten codices, especially since printed books are often deficient in spelling and appearance.”

—Johannes Trithemius, German abbot and scholar, “In Praise of Scribes,” 1492

Adrian, Chris ; The Great Night
Almond, Steve + Julianna Baggott ; Which Brings Me To You
Austin, Jane ; Pride And Prejudice (ebook on iPhone)
Ball, Jesse ; The Way Through Doors
Ballentine, Tony ; Divergence
Blackston, Ray ; Flabbergasted
Bonasia, Lynn Kiele ; Some Assembly Required
Bryson, Bill ; At Home (NF)
Byatt, A. S. ; Ragnarok
Crusie, Jennifer + Bob Mayer ; Agnes And The Hitman
Crusie, Jennifer + Bob Mayer ; Wild Ride
Goldman, David P. ; How Civilizations Die (NF)
Gonzales, Tony ; Eve: Templar One
Green, John ; An Abundance of Katherines
Guttenberg, Steve ; The Guttenberg Bible
Halpern, Julie ; Get Well Soon
Harris, Charlaine ; the first three Sookie Stackhouse books
Harris, Charlaine ; Deadlocked
Healy, Sarah ; Can I Get An Amen?
Hiaasen, Carl ; Star Island
Hodgell, P. C. ; Honor's Paradox
Karon, Jan ; At Home In Mitford
Kinberg, Simon ; Mr. And Mrs. Smith
Kinsella, Sophie ; I've Got Your Number
Kou Yaginuma ; vols 7-12 of Twin Spica
Latner, Alexis Glynn ; Hurricane Moon
Le Guin, Ursula ; Three Hainish Novels
Lester, Toby ; DaVinci's Ghost (NF)
Lutz, Lisa ; Trail Of The Spellmans
McKean, Erin ; The Secret Lives Of Dresses
Nightengale, Benedict ; What's So Flinking Bunny?
Pedersen, Laura ; Last Call
Pettersson, Vicki ; The Taken
Pratchett, Terry ; Equal Rites
Pratchett, Terry ; Feet Of Clay
Pratchett, Terry ; The Fifth Elephant
Pratchett, Terry ; Guards, Guards!
Pratchett, Terry ; Hat Full Of Sky
Pratchett, Terry ; Interesting Times
Pratchett, Terry ; I Shall Wear Midnight
Pratchett, Terry ; Jingo
Pratchett, Terry ; Making Money
Pratchett, Terry ; Maskerade
Pratchett, Terry ; Men At Arms
Pratchett, Terry ; Nightwatch
Pratchett, Terry ; Thief of Time
Pratchett, Terry ; Thud
Pratchett, Terry ; Wee Free Men
Pratchett, Terry ; Wintersmith
Pratchett, Terry + Stephen Baxter ; The Long Earth
Reeve, Philip ; A Web Of Air
Reeve, Philip ; Fever Crumb
Rosen, Lev A. C. ; All Men Of Genius
Russo, Richard ; Empire Falls
Shakar, Alex ; Luminarium
Swift, Earl ; The Big Roads (NF)
Tucker, Michael ; After Annie
Weitz, Rose ; Rapunzel's Daughters (NF)
Wilson, Delores J. ; Big Hair And Flying Cows

Not, admittedly, one of my better years for books. I spent more time reading webcomics this year than reading books, and my usual lunchtime reading has been usurped by a chatty co-worker. So, maybe next year. Also, not included: a skimming of the last four books of George R. R. Martin's Songs Of Fire and Ice series, re-reading only the parts that interested me.

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