Thursday, January 03, 2013

quote for the day

"INCREASING taxes at either the corporate or personal level will do, among other things, one particular thing: IT WILL ENCOURAGE BUSINESS OWNERS TO RE-INVEST IN BUSINESS. To avoid the taxation, you see, you bottom-of-the-class dimwit. If I can currently meet my business needs without hiring, I will improve my efficiency or perhaps branch into new services. If things are going great guns, I will hire more people. If I just roll all my profit into my own personal wealth, I am a moron.

The only people taking money out of the economy are rich assholes, not the government. Taxes don’t magically disappear, they get shoved right the hell back into the economy through purchasing and hiring."
from the blog Empire Of The Senseless

This is what I've always said! Lowering corporate taxes doesnt encourage anything but profit-taking, because taxes come out after expenses, which include wages paid to employees. Lowering taxes does nothing to encourage more hiring.

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