Wednesday, January 30, 2013

picture and quote for the day:
a two-fer!

Racists and those folk-ways weirdo kids (who are only passively racist) think the Mjolnir / Hammer of Thor should be revived as a universal symbol of white culture. Now as a white guy, I’m not sure why we really need one, since even the heads of the Chinese Communist party are wearing our stupid suits and ties and pretending it was their idea that their country needed an orchestral national anthem. But fine, whatever, the Jews get the Star and Arabs get the Crescent Moon and Mexicans get the Sombrero, so I guess we should have one too. But not the Hammer of Thor. That’s too old and too specific to one region of Europe. We need something modern, something that encompasses the wide range of perspectives and behaviors that the rest of the world knows as “white.”

I’m thinking a bulldozer. A bloody bulldozer.

Wait, wait. I got it. A bloody bulldozer, driven by a gun.

Okay, that’s good. Now it needs a motto. Something white people say all the time to let the rest of the world know that we’ve arrived and things are about to get awesome. Let’s see…

"Fuck yeah, white people."

The Virgin Prince

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