Saturday, May 25, 2013

eight years...

...since I first started this blog. I had nothing to say that day, but I wanted to have a place to say it should something come up. Eight years later, I still dont really have anything to say. This is probably why so many blogs have gone dark over the years. I dont know why I keep putting stuff on this one, really, except for the reason given above. Eight years ago, I had nothing to say; today, to be honest, I still dont (addendum: and I seem to be repeating myself). I say it anyway, which I why this blog has existed for eight years*. Eight years! Nobody even reads this thing anymore, as far as I and Sitemeter can tell. Perhaps that makes it easier.

Anyway, woot and all. Here's a comic.

* And, due to pre-posting, will continue for at least 2 more


sbh said...

Still reading. Still writing. I'm just having trouble with both. I can't see the computer screen worth a damn any more, and the words refuse to come.

daveawayfromhome said...

I feel ya. I'm getting there, I can no longer see the screen through my near-sighted prescription, I figure reading glasses arent far behind. I'm not gonna say getting old sucks, but it has its irritations.