Sunday, May 26, 2013

sunday stupid

This is an actual quote that a conservative friend of mine posted on face book. Out of friendship, I will decline to comment on it there, but this is MY blog and I will say any goddamn thing I want to here. So first, the quote:
"Air Force One apparently just landed in Oklahoma. The President's time is valuable and his upcoming offers of moral support and government resources will be welcomed; but perhaps someone should have told him that lots of people in Oklahoma go to church on Sundays."
Really? Really? Is there anything that Obama could do that would please the Republican Party and conservatives? Resign? Die? Even those probably wouldnt satisfy them.

I know, I know, I'm tilting at windmills, expecting rational behavior in an area that it's pretty clear no rational thought exists. But, fuck, I'm tired of this bullshit.

Addendum: It's four days later, and now he's bitching about a European Human Rights court ruling against Christians who oppose gay marriage. I can well imagine his tone (and how opposite it would be from this one) had this been an article about Muslims being upset about some ruling not allowing them to apply Sharia law to something they wanted to do.
Seriously, dude, what is it that is unclear about Rule of Law?

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