Tuesday, May 14, 2013

quote for the day

"Know what’s worse than babies having babies?

The dumb-ass society that started with the assumption that pretending they wouldn’t would somehow stop them.

Also, old people: maybe if you didn’t work three jobs to keep the vacation house, or go through three marriages because “you weren’t 100% happy,” your kids wouldn’t need to fuck each other to feel even for a brief moment that someone actually gives a fuck about them.

Video games and sexy movies and the rap music don’t fuck up kids. Shitty, selfish parenting fucks up kids. That’s 50 years of science.

The kids of today aren’t a “disaster.” They’re just the end result of the shrieking consumerist train-wreck that is the Baby Boomers.

If the world explodes, it’s because you put new TVs and cars and your own libido before your kids. Stop yelling about it. You can’t drown out the truth."
The Virgin Prince

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