Saturday, October 01, 2005

a big box o' pandora

I tried, I really did. And I think I might have succeeded, a little bit at least. Backed it off a bit, toned it down. Things may be serious, but not that serious. I hope.
I'm speaking of my wife's concerns as put forth in my post on Tuesday, where she suggested that all this political stuff was making me mean. I really dont know if it was or not, but I havent been in a very good mood lately.
I blame the heat. There's statistics on that, you know.

I can cut back the political stuff a bit, but I really cant let it go, though. I've seen too much stuff now about how the BushCo and the Republican Party is destroying the America that I love, and replacing it with a much uglier, more selfish place. Now that I know these things, I cant ignore them.
It's as if there is a starving family around the corner; if you never go around the corner and see them there, starving, then you're never bothered by them. But once you know they're just around the corner, all of them hungry, how can you not bring them a sandwich, or a tuna casserole, or something.
If you are a moral person of any fiber you cannot simply ignore them, and just let them starve.

That's just an analogy, of course. The BushCorp is not a starving family. Quite the opposite, in fact. Dubya and his cronies, in fact all of the richest 1% of this nation, are doing quite, quite well, thank you, feasting on the flesh of America. My family is the one around the corner, and while we're not close to starving or anything, our diet's not what it once was. BushCo, of course, wont even consider walking around the corner, though they may send an occasional watchdog to poke it's head around every once in a while, just to keep an eye on us.

Yep, that was another analogy. I got a million of 'em.

I cant quit my anger now, not and call myself an American. I have to do whatever I can to stem the tide of corruption pouring through the streets of Washington these days. Admittedly, I dont hold much power to do anything. Bush holds a lot of the cards these days, and he and his Cronyist Party are scooping up as much Loot as they can before the floodwaters of American Ire wash them out of town. I'm a just a bucketful of those waters.
But that's how the waters rise, one bucket at a time. And, sometimes, there are a lot of buckets.

I'm really very fond of analogies.

I personally like my statistical analogy: I'm not too far out of the mainstream, so I must fit into some statistical percentage of Americans who are doing whatever it is I am doing. If this is true, then I like to think that I can change the course of the world through statistical means: If I do something, then statistically, so do another 1 out of 1000 people; or 1 out of 100, maybe. I know it doesnt really work that way, but it's a good story.

And maybe I'm wrong, maybe it does work that way.
I can dream.

In the meantime, I'll continue to blog, one bucketful at a time.

But I'll occassionally take a day off, just to relax.


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jane said...

I get too angry anymore about politics too. And I must admit, they DO make me angry, so I try to be an ostrich. Usually, it works.
I can understand both your point & your wife's. When I'm reading the paper & see a headline that I KNOW will anger me, I just skip it.
I'm afraid I've come to the realization that we're the minority in this country & there's not really anything we can do about it. Perhaps that's my conclusion after seeing time after time, how corrupt & evil bush's america is.
i'm extremely concerned about the future of our country & the world we're leaving for our grandkids or great grandkids.
doesn't bush know jesus was about peace? i think he missed that class, too.