Wednesday, August 31, 2011

blog troll no. 10

Ten! Ten blog trolls! Woo-hoo! As always, a Daveawayfromhome blogtroll is not an obnoxious person spewing bile and venom in your comment box. It is, instead, where I share the best results of my various forays into the Internets Tubes with the rest of you, saving you the trouble of wading through the crap (and there is a lot of crap - have you hit the "next blog" button lately?)

Drawings and Such Things, an Italian art blog
Great Showdowns, drawings by Scott Cambell
Producciones Balazo, an amazingly drawn web comic, unfortunately in spanish and so largely incomprehensible to me
James Hance, an artist, whose works include Wookie The Chew
Tom Gauld's Flickr stream.
Unhappy Hipsters
Chapter 56; an artist's blog
Fun Stuff With Hanni Brosh: art
Cat vs. Human
A Conscious Outpost
Maliki: le webcomic
Mishka; webcomics, etc.
Wayno Cartoons
Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson
Jack & Jill Politics: A black bourgeoisie perspective on U.S. politics
Southern Beale; a Tennessee liberal (i.e., a local endangered species)
Beggars Can Be Choosers; a Texas journalist's progressive blog
Matt Blum; photographer
Irina Werning, photographer (does a nice now-and-then series)
Boxing Barbie
Mariel Clayton, doll photography (more Barbie)
OakOak; street art
The One Cam... I cannot explain this one
2D Goggles - or - The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace And Babbage
Tangents Reviews; a webcomic review site/blog
Dear Photograph; another re-photographic site... sort of.
Pablo Delgado; the street art is especially wonderful
Crazy Thoughts
Darlene's Hodgepodge; an 86 year-old who oughta team up with Helen Philpott.
Stupid Enough Unexplaination a liberal blog (and a blogtroll repeat)
MF Blog; a liberal blogger
Aussie Sammie; an Aussie teaching in OKC
Duly Noted; Lindsay Beyerstein's new blog
Blue Gal
Sam Harris, atheist
Wild River Review"; a web magazine
Man Are We Screwed; yes we are
Filmspiration (tumbler)
Mixed-Multimedia (tumbler)
This Is A Clever Blog Title (tumbler)
Hannah Is Just Awful
I love Charts
The Friendly Atheist
Gabby's Playhouse; a blog, with comics
Mercworks; cartoons in blog form
Katie Schwartz; a blog
Detritus Of Empire, Tacitus2's blog
Married to the Sea
Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary: Natsumi, floating

This being a Daveawayfromhome tradition, there have been preceding blogtrolls. Sample them here: no. 9, no. 8, no. 7, no. 6, no. 5, no. 4, no. 3, and another one (I'm not sure of its number - there may actually be only 6 of blogtrolls, but it's too late to change now).

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