Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Okay, here's a odd one. For some reason, on Sitemeter, I keep getting these hits that describe two things. First, that pepto-bismol image that I put in for April Fool's day, deleted after, then put back because people were looking for it. But, if I actually click on that link, it leads me to this old post from October 2005, which has nothing to do with the pink stuff, but could have fit right into last month's Blog Against Theocracy (I was ranting about Fundamentalists). Why are these two things linked? I have no idea. So, I experimented; I googled "Pepto-bismol" under "images". Guess what? I'm the first image shown there! Except if you click on the image, it goes to the aforesaid post about religion.


I suppose I cant bitch about the increased traffic. Still, it's got to be frustrating for somebody who needs a pepto-bismol image, and I just know that one day that frustrated person is also going to be an evangelical wacko (as opposed to an ordinary evangelical)(yes, they do exist), and I'm going to find myself the target of ire of the entire Holy Church of The Righteous Indignation of Christ from someplace like West Podunk, South Carolina.


Sherry said...

Strange stuff indeed. On my first blog, people used to find me by googling the oddest things you've ever heard... makes anonymity questionable... though your real name could be "Beauregard" for all I know. But Pepto? How many people are really searching for that?

daveawayfromhome said...

Apparently 2-5 people everyday. Understandable, actually. If you're blogging and need an illustration for something that makes you nauseas (sp?), Pepto-Bismol is a good one. The one I dont get is the hit or two I recieve everyday looking for a radar image from Katrina.


I do try and protect my identity as well as I'm able, but one day something bad will come out of blogging, I'm sure. No matter, I suspect that bad-things-from-blogging will be a lot like identity theft; something that'll happen to nearly everyone eventually, until we finally wise up and change the rules to favor the user rather than the criminal/nosey busy-body.