Monday, May 17, 2010

A note to all spammers:

Fuck Off.

No, really, just fuck off. Fuck. Off. I will not follow you to your blog, or your website, or whatever you want me to follow you to. Not even to see if it might possibly turn out to be worth it. It wont be. I refuse to help you (or more likely some exploitative organization paying you pennies for each commental assault you make) make even a fraction of a cent because I happened to open a web page.
I write this thing for my own reasons without expectation of monetary gain. Is it too much to ask that you dont try and squeeze a few pennies out of me while I do that? Feel free to make a real comment. Feel free to make a fake comment. Feel free to call me an asshole. Maybe you'll get my attention with your wit or your insight or your vitriol. Maybe I'll say, hmm, who is that person, and then go to your profile, and then visit your blog.
Maybe I wont. I usually dont. Occassionally, very occassionally, it's even a mistake, though that's pretty rare.
But dont you make the mistake of thinking that I give a shit about whatever you're trying to sell, because I dont. I do not.
And I will not.
I rarely watch television because I dont like commercials. I dont listen to anything but public radio for the same reason (and I turn that off when it is fundraising time, like it seems to be all the time.
I will read a Fry's ad.
But not yours.

Are we clear here?*

* The management would like to acknowledge that it in no way actually believes that such a diatribe will have any actual results. Spammers exist for the same reasons that mosquitoes, fleas and lice do, contribute as much misery if allowed to breed uncontrolled, and are, in general, barnacles on the bottom of the great ship that is the internet. We would wish them all to die of a horrible social disease except that a) it's not a nice thing to do, and b) they are a horrible social disease. Finally, we'd just like to reiterate our original point which was:
"Fuck off. Really. Fuck. Off."


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

There seems to be a real increase of late, it really died down last few years but now, the bastards are back at it.

Shawn Holster said...

asshole. (pa-dum-dump...had to do it) But seriously now, how do you really feel?

Pryme said...

Ironically, they were trying to sell you a spam comment blocker software.

I kid, I kid...