Thursday, August 02, 2012

chart for the day

By my reckoning, based on overlapping Google Maps and the poster and then eyeballing it anyway, that'd put about 120 million of us in a brand new town out in the middle of nowhere, southeast of Hebronville , perhaps on Farm-to-Market Road 1017. I think we'd be missing any conflict with the mighty King Ranch, so that at least would be a load off our minds.

Now, it might be a little bit crowded there folks, so be warned. But then, if you're one of the unlucky residents, it's no doubt your own fault for not planning ahead better and making poor choices as you went along, so tough luck for you! And most of your friends and family will be near, so there's that.

But, hey! At least we're close to the beach, right?

Assuming the folks who own it let us visit it.

first map via Wil Wheaton.


Jim said...

That's really kind of a stupid point to make. What matters is wealth mobility. A rather large number of Americans in the top 10% start in the bottom 50% and the overwhelming majority 1%'ers did inherited little or none of their wealth.

I'm sorry if your sociology degree turned out to be a waste of money, but people have overcome worse.

daveawayfromhome said...

What matters is concentration of wealth, which is currently at third world levels.

And it was Art, not Sociology.