Wednesday, August 15, 2012

um, sure I do, but...

I thought this was a pretty good poll, although there is a big discrepancy between the party agreement result that I was given and the one that showed up on the above image, where the numbers were 95% Democratic, 76% Green, 51% Libertarian and 13% Republican, which sounds a lot more reasonable to me.

And seriously, who the hell is Jill Stein? If the race wasnt going to be as tight as I expect it to be, I might be tempted to make a statement by voting for the Green Party. As it is? No, dont think so.


Oops! Forgot. Via Welcome To the Now.


Pryme said...

Something tells me that she's behind the website, but who knows?

daveawayfromhome said...

I'm trying to get a conservative friend to take it to see how he does. Though, I'm not sure what that'll prove, since I bet a lot of conservatives are less so than they think they are when you break it down.