Thursday, August 16, 2012


- Remember the flap over the Mohammad/bomb-head cartoon? Remember how ridiculous that seemed? Turns out Muslims arent alone. Warning: may induce feelings of despair.

- Stolen direct from Gerry Canavan: "Rick Perlstein argues the problem isn’t that conservatives are crazier than they were fifty years ago; the problem is they’re exactly as crazy as they were fifty years ago."

- Imagine this: Pharmaceutical companies may be basing research on profits rather than need. Who'd'a thunkit? (via)

- Marvel at the scale issues of Michael Paul Smith.

- Glove And Boots.

- Calming Manatee

- If this turns out to happen, Wi-Fi will become the next thing you pay way to much for. via.

- American Fascism: Nuthin' new. (via)

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