Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I dont normally like to go on about things, but this Intelligent Design thing is really bugging me. When I first heard it on NPR, I had to call my wife, I was so stunned. The "Education President", coming out in favor of, well, let's call a spade a spade, Creationism in the schools! I thought, oh boy, I cant wait to read the articles on this one. But days later, nothing. Granted, I wasnt looking real hard. A quick search (just now) revealed a lot of articles online. But my local paper was silent on the issue. Okay, okay, it is the Dallas Morning News, whose primary interests involve whoring for the local business community and power brokers, but you'ld think it'd rate something. Same with various web homepages. Bill Maher taked about it on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, John Stewart poked at it on the Daily Show, but here in Big D we cant even get one appalled letter to the editor. Sad, really sad. And scary that the man making this suggestion is the same man who WILL BE CHOOSING OUR NEW CHIEF JUSTICE SOME DAY!!!

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