Tuesday, August 23, 2005


God, how I hate this town in the summer! To be honest, I'm not crazy about Big D during most of the year, but that's just because it's a ridiculously oversized place, filled with... well, just filled! But Summer! I grew up in Iowa, and while it can be quite unpleasant there in the summer, it doesnt last. Here the heat goes on and on and on and on. Today it was over 100. Yesterday it was over 100. Tomorrow it will be over 100. That's not the worst of it, though. What's worst is that before it was over 100, it was over 90. Last week. The week before. Two weeks ago. Last month. Two months ago. Normally here, you'll get your first 90+ degree day in late March or early April. By the end of May, it's become a regular thing, and it will remain so here until October. I have what I call the Texas Calendar, and here it is:

January and February
March and April
Summer I
May and June
July and August
Summer II
September and October
November and December
Like I said, I grew up in Iowa, I know what the seasons should be like. Cold fronts should be capable of penetrating the state; instead they are stopped at Fort Texoma on the Red River.
Our poor old rental house has air conditioning which is incapable of keeping up with the heat. Once it passes about 90, the house starts to heat up while the AC runs and runs (creating truly frightening electric bills). My latest car, again, has no air conditioning. Fortunately, this year my father agreed to let me borrow his truck for the summer, for which I am truly grateful. For eight years I've been driving to work, into the sun, every weekday at about 5 pm, the hottest time of the day, and it has been miserable. No air, sun full-force on my chest, the ice in my Big Gulp barely making the half-hour drive. Ugh.
I really must get out of this town.

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