Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hello! A little common sense, please!

Okay, I first heard about this the other day on NPR. In vain I searched the news for other word of it. George Bush, the leader of our country, made the statement that he'd like to see intelligent design taught in the schools of America. Intelligent Design! In, presumably, SCIENCE class.
There should have been outrage, there should have been letters, there should have at least been a small piece on page 6 under the national news items. But, nothing!
Let me be perfectly clear here: Intelligent Design IS NOT SCIENCE! Philosophy, sure, it's philosophy, and if the President would like to add mandatory philosophy classes to the school curriculum under a revision of NO Child Left Behind, that'd be fine. But it's not science, and here's why - How do you create an experiment that tests for the Intelligence? I mean, science searches for proof or evidence, and despite millenia of theory and arguement, no one has come up for any better proof of a Great Intelligence than FAITH. And while faith is fine for Philosophy, or Religion, or Morality, or Cooking, or Child-Rearing, it is no good for Science.


lasomniloquy said...

Once religion enters the mix, science is tainted. It's amazing how narrow god-think is; anthropomorphizing and paternalizing everything. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Evolution isn’t done. Religion is still here.