Thursday, August 11, 2005


Well, okay, I feel pretty stupid. Last night I posted a reply on David Brin's (author of Startide Rising and The Postman) blogsite ( It was a response to a comment made by someone about political parties and marginalization of moderates by party extremists. Unfortunately, most of the comments that had been made were centered around a debate about Feudalism (pyramid-shaped socio-economic dispersal) versus what I'll call "Enlightened Society" (diamond-shape socio-economic dispersal). Primary to that debate was an arguement centering on the definitions of Feudal and Tribal which seemed to be as much confusion over terms as it was disagreement over philosphy. (English is a huge, messy language, and the problem with having multiple words that "mean the same thing" is that they never do, not really. There are always shades of meaning: to arouse someones ire is not necessarily to make them mad, just because they're mad doesnt mean they're angry, and they can be angry without being furious.)
Anyway, while my response was to a statement made by another commenter (commenter?), and actually fit fairly well into Dr. Brin's original posting ( it didnt really fit at all into the main body of the discussion going on there. To make matters worse, I made a suggestion that in retrospect looks a lot like sucking up to Dr. Brin. Why do I care? Why do I care? I dont know, I guess it's because I respect the people posting the responses as much as I respect Brin's site. I have no interest in lowering the tone of the discussion, and, by god, I'd hoped to be able to maybe even join in on a discussion that had nothing to do with printing, sports, potties, or the whoring of myself to satisfy the stupidity of our clients.
So, Do I Let It Get Me Down? 'Course not. I shall Bravely Carry On.


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