Monday, November 15, 2010

Dave's Blogroll, version 5.0

Well, it's been over a year and a half since I put together my last blogroll, so I suppose it's about time to do another one. Understand, this list isnt set up for the edification of my "readers", since there are only about a half dozen of y'all out there any more, but for my own convenience. Sorry. Although, if you dont know what I read by now...

these are my mutual blogs, that is, we link to each other.
This is a shrinking group, largely through attrition. I also consider all these people, at least in a way (since I've never actually met a one of them), to be my friends.

The Omnipotent Poobah
Welcome To the Now
Saurly Yours
Death And Taxes
Lydia Valentine
Blurred Clarity
Rational Rant
Zaius Nation: damn dirty ape
Haphazard Musings

These are the blogs that I read a lot:
It's a smaller group than it used to be.

Rude Pundit
What's Alan Watching?
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
Gerry Canavan
It's My Right To Be Left Of Center - New Site! LeftWing Nutjob
Electronic Cerebrectomy
Millard Fillmore's Bathtub
Contrary Brin
Boing Boing

All the WebComics I read are here now. To be honest, this is where I spend a lot of on-line time.

These are blogs that I dont read a lot, but really should:

Rant, trog69's blog
Margaret and Helen, which may or may not be written by an 80 year old woman
United Methodeviations
Russ Daggatt's Blog
(Not Only) Hotel Room Nudes
Bearskin Rug
Sadly, No
Beam Me Up
Welcome Back to Pottersville
Blog Around The Clock - new digs at Scientific American!
Have Coffee, Will Write
Newsmericks - the news in limerick form
Ran Prieur
Focal Point
Raed In The Middle
Gus Van Horn
Little Man, What Now?
Fish or Cut Bait
The Shrewdness of Apes: a teacher blog
Missouri Loves Company: another teacher blog
Clusterfuck Nation
Andrew Sullivan
Robert Reich
The Smallest Minority
Driftglass - liberal blog
Darkblack - photoshop master
Ochlocracy In Action

The Big Boys

Colbert Report
Daily Kos
Daily Show
The Onion

Here are some sites, not blogs usually, that contain good stuff:

People of Walmart. Be afraid.
Shit My Dad Says.
Young Me, Now Me
Vivian Maier: Her Discovered Work
Bits and Pieces
The Polaroider
Leslie Miles - think of it as Found Art. (new site)
Three Frames

These are blogs which have apparently become abandoned, but which I still hope for a return of. A blog is a hard thing to maintain.

RIP, Kel, The Osterly Times
Flan: not quite jelly, not quite cake
der Hundepo
United We Lay
The Sapient Sutler
J.R. Kinnard
Consider This
123 I Love You
The Neural Gourmet
The Rare Sixth Sense
The Red Pants of Justice
Pop's Bucket
Angry Chimp might as well be dead
Stinkhorn Rodeo
The Reverend Billy Bob Gisher. (actually, Billy Bob may be thriving, but he's doing so behind an invitation wall that I wasnt given a pass for. This makes me sad.
RIP, Kel, The Osterly Times

Incidentally, these are not presented in any particular order, so dont go reading anything into who comes first, okay?

previous blogrolls: blogroll no. 4, blogroll no. 3, blogroll no. 2, blogroll no. 1
blogtrolls: no. 8, no. 7, no. 6, no. 5, no. 4, no. 3, and no. 2 (or maybe it's no. 1, as I cant actually find no. 2 anymore in the archives). The newest blogtroll should be coming up in a week or so... I hope.


the Brother said...

What, you don't hope for the return of mine? I swear, I'll get back to it any day now!

daveawayfromhome said...

Oh, sure you will. And when you do, I'll put it back on the list.

the Brother said...

But isn't that the point of "hop[ing] for the return of"?

daveawayfromhome said...

Oh, okay.

Ed Darrell said...

Hey, Right To Be Left of Center has moved:

Just FYI

daveawayfromhome said...

Thanks Ed.