Wednesday, November 09, 2005


no tidy-whities here...

Texas is now officially in first place in the race for the Small Mind Award. Yesterday, a constitutional (state) amendment banning gay marriage (and, potentially, all legal arrangements not between one man and one woman) was passed by somewhere around 75%.
The ongoing ID debate in Kansas is pretty stupid, but at least there they've got the welfare of their kids ultimately in mind (well, sort of, at least they are thinking of education, however wrong they're getting it).
Here in Texas, the "Godly" folk seem to think that Gay people are some sort of viral infection that must be stamped out before it turns all of Texas into a Hell-bound cesspool, just waiting for a big Hurricane to deliver it from Evil.
Dover, Pennsylvania has dropped out of the running for the prize, having booted all 8 ID-spewing Republicans from the School Board who were up for re-election. We shall miss their antics.

Moving on to other, less depressing stuff, this quote from the Smirking Chimp by way of Omnipotent Poobah:
Watching the zeppelin of the neoconservative movement burst into flames, tethered to the mooring mast of George W. Bush's presidency, I experience a shiver of such undiluted schadenfreude it's like to blew my earlobes off. What joy to see these scheming, lubricious barghests come undone, sinking beneath the hubris of their utter assurance that they alone are blessed with the vision to fulfill mankind's destiny: to shovel money into their pockets, regardless of the cost to life, love, or the future of the world.
Yow! Wish I'd said that.


United We Lay said...

We should give Texas back to Mexico.

daveawayfromhome said...

I spoke to the Mexican Embassy, and they said that before they took it back we needed to have the carpets professionally dry-cleaned and have an exterminator out. Unfortunately, Republicans are harder to get rid of these days than those big brown waterbugs, thanks to Tom Delay, so we may have to keep the state after all.

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

try reading more and you can say that dave. another great post from dave jr. as for senior, feel like a little anal sex now after (that)post?

swing on by, got something for you my little gringo.