Tuesday, November 15, 2005

fair is fair

Well, well, well. My darling Tree_Story has put me in my place. Yes, Texas has Dubya and Delay, but I had completely forgotten about Barbara Jordan. I had also, unforgiveably, forgotten about Willie (and Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Rosie Flores, Tish Hinojosa, James McMurtry, and whole tabernacle choir's worth of others). I cant even indulge in my usual bellyaching about the intolerable, seemingly unending Texas heat, because it's finally Fall, and so very very pleasant.

So, forgive me, Texas.

Of course, she may feel less nationalistic this time next year. Right now we have hope that perhaps we'll get us a new governor, and avoid another four years of family-values-spewing-while-business-whoring, Rent-boy Rick Perry (who sometimes makes me nostalgic for Governor Bush). It's only a small hope, but a hope nonetheless.

A kind of Kinky hope.

Ha. Governor Bush. Talk about reaching the limit of your incompetence.

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