Saturday, October 08, 2005

But I dont feeeel old!

So, this weekend, the Family and I travel up to the Small Town from the City to see Mom and Dad. The weather is beautiful here, sunny and in the sixties, so I get out the spare bicycle which I left here for just this occassion, and take a spin around the neighborhood. I'm riding along, looking at the neighbors, the sullen kid throwing hoops, the Dad raking leaves, and suddenly I'm hit with the thought; "I'm not a teenager anymore!"
Duh, right?
But when I'm riding a bike, I feel like a teenager, always have. Even in my twenties tooling around the College Town, I felt like a teenager. I see people in the yards, and I think to myself, "are they wondering who that kid is and what he's doing in their neighborhood?". I'm older than most of the people I see these days, and still I think that way.

I've really got to get my head on straight.

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