Friday, October 14, 2005


My apologies to all and sundry for my eschatology rant yesterday. Sometimes, when I come up with an idea, and information starts connecting to it, and the neurons start firing as the possibilities fly, I forget to wonder just how reasonable the thoughts I'm having are. And I get a little excited.

I've had a lie down now, and I'm feeling much better.

I did a similar thing a couple weeks ago after I read George Lakoff's "Dont Think of An Elephant". It was a good book, and it answered a lot of questions, but it didnt answer all the questions, and it left more questions behind. Do yourself a favor, if you see me really going to town on some subject, give me a day or two before you decide whether I really believe what I'm saying.
That said, still dont throw the idea away. One would think that the vetting procedure for taking the office of the most powerful individual in the world would weed out the nutcases. Incompetence is tolerated, even cultivated in large organizations like unions, churches, corporations and political parties, but craziness usually isnt. Usually.

You know, in all the manic neuron madness there, I forgot another likely possibility: that Dubya was making a joke. Many of us think that Republicans have no sense of humor, and that's just not true; They're just not funny (Okay, Dennis Miller can be funny, though he was funnier when he was a Liberal) You know, like those people who say something bizarre and rather obscene about your behavior because they think it's funny. "Huh, huh. Hey Harriet, better quit talkin' about shit in public, hur hur!" Harriet, no doubt fawned over these jokes as much as anything else (I mean, really, did you read the article? What an ass-kisser). He probably thinks it's funny to ask women if they're "on the rag", too.

Anyway, I'll be mentally flagging this one for future caution, so sorry.

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coturnix said...

If you want to understand Lakoff, read "Moral Politics" instead. Or the 15-post series by Revere on Effect Measure blog. Or all the posts in the Lakoff category on Mixing Memory blog. Or posts in my category "Understanding America".