Monday, October 03, 2005

just me, just you, justice

And so the farce continues...

BushCo has nominated a White House insider to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. In the next week or three, before the Senate Hearings begin, you'll hear lots of yakking about who she might be, how she might vote, what she thinks about various things, blah blah blah.
All completely and totally irrelevant, a little circus freak show to keep the yokels gawking.

Let's face it, whatever she does or says, we all know how she stands. If the BushCorp picked her, then you know she's anti-abortion, pro-business and Big Daddy's girl all the way. There will be no surprise exhibited except from the people who havent been paying attention since some time in, oh, I dont know, 1978.
There is no hope for the Supreme Court. Forget it, get over it. If Santa Clause brought the nation the news that the White House was running a Child Prostition Ring (Big Daddy, indeed), it still would not change the fact that none of the Conservative Justices on the court are over 64 years old. They will be with us for a very, very long time.
Scarier still, the oldest member of the Court, Judge John Paul Stevens, is 80 years old. Pray for his health, or it's not inconcievable that the GOP could replace three Justices before Dubya leaves office.
Of course, considering the incompetance of the Democratic Party, and the power of the fully networked GOP, it's multiple think-tanks, and the GOP dominated Media Conglomerates (liberal-bias, my ass - yet another Big Lie) it's likely they'll get plenty more chances with whatever figurehead they place in the White House next round.

Hey, did you notice? I decided to go with despair! It's time to hunker down, cover your head, and hope you've got a few basic rights left over by the time the Conservative storm blows over.

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