Saturday, October 01, 2005

Reason no.59 why I need to get back to school and get a new job

Today, I got to work at about 5:20 (as a night person, my schedule is more flexible). When I arrived, my co-worker, whom I'll call "Cyril", poked his head out the door to greet me, which tells me that he was in the break room at the time. He accompanied me to our work area, told me what was going on with everything, then left for "lunch". At 7:20, he returned, sat down at the computer, and surfed until 7:40. Then he said, "have a good weekend", and went home.
Now, assuming he hadnt already clocked out for "lunch" before I arrived, that means he did no work for 2 hours and 20 minutes, and was paid for 1 hour and 50 minutes of that time. He does this almost every night.
I have worked with Cyril for six years, during which time this has almost invariably been his routine. You may say to yourself, "Six years! Why havent you ratted this bastard out?"
I have, I have.
The first time was when his goofing off time actually exceeded his working time. Not that I described it that way to management. What I said was, "I've never gotten more than 2 hours of work out of him". When there's a six-hour overlap in shifts, the math should be pretty easy, but perhaps not. I complained during our review sessions, twice a year for 2 years. Then I gave up. It's not my money the company's losing, after all (unless you count the bonus made smaller).
Fortunately, these days he goes home after only a three hour overlap, so while he doesnt work any more than he ever did, he cant work less.

It's still kind of galling, though.

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