Tuesday, October 11, 2005

shopping with Dad was fine with me

Growing up in our house, whenever there was grocery shopping to be done, my Dad was the one to do it. It seemed odd at the time, tooling around the grocery story (sitting on the wire rack under the main basket) with Dad, watching other kids go by with their moms. But not too odd. Different, maybe. At any rate, I noticed it.
Now, I do a lot of the shopping for my family, Thing 2 carefully in the proper seat.

According to a new study, men shopping is perfectly normal behavior. Given a list (which I confess that I dont use), the hunting focus of menfolk kicks into high gear while shopping. I had certainly long applied this idea to my junk shop expeditions (the thrill of the hunt, the flushing of the unexpected quarry, the dodging of the goring horn/slashing claws/sharp teeth of the price tag) , but never to grocery shopping. Maybe the problem men have shopping is not the shopping itself, but the shopping with women.

Anyway, proper respect to Mr.Middle America, from whom this blessing came.

This post originally got this comment from the wife:"The funny thing is that I often feel kind of usurped when you go grocery shopping. Some inner eyebrow raises and a sigh seems to escape from my depths. No, not gas. The same sound that arises at your rearranging of the pantry. I hate grocery shopping though. Just quit buying beans and weinees, ok?"

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