Monday, October 10, 2005

oh, those nutty conservatives

check this out, they're the same, but different! and Interesting, huh?

You know, whatever I might feel about conservatives, I dont think they have no right to their opinions, nor do I think they should just sut up and crawl back under the rock from which they appearantly were schooled from. On the other hand, I dont think that they should be allowed to publish 2 (possibly more) free blogs with the exact same content. This is a democratic forum, and if they want 2 blogs, then they should work for 2 blogs, or pay for the duplicates. For all I know, there may be a dozen like these two, all identical. I just stumbled across these two at random.


United We Lay said...

I try to encourage discussion on my site between liberals and conservatives, but I have to say, my visitors are a little one sided. The Conservatives that do visit are really religious, which tends to negate their argument in a lot of cases. I try to visit as many sits as I can, so thanks for the link. Good to know there are those out there actually looking for discussion rather than just wanting to assert their own opinions. Discussion and debate strengthen our arguments because we become more adept at expressing them to various people. Sometimes we learn something and change our minds, and knowledge is ALWAYS a good thing. I guess I'm rambling. Sorry!

coturnix said...

One is black, the other one is white, so you can make a choice depending on what you prefer.

daveawayfromhome said...

so, do you think they're trying to say that all arguements are really the same? (snicker)

Mary said...


You're discussing my blogs.

If you look carefully, they aren't exactly the same. I guess you didn't pick up on that.

If you were a regular reader, you'd realize that not all the entries are the same. Granted, many posts are the same, but not all.

One blog is directly linked to other conservative bloggers and groups. One is not. I address two different readerships, and as a result post on different topics sometimes.

I see no reason to be more specific than that.

Apparently, you have a problem with free speech. Why would you want to squelch it?

Blogspot is a free service. What do you care if someone utilizes the free service and sets up sites that contain similar content?

Pay for duplicates? With all due respect, that's nuts.

If Blogspot wants to get in the business of restricting content on blogs or charging a fee, that's their perogative. At present, they do neither.

I'm not doing anything sinister or abusive.

I have TWO blogs that share entries, not a dozen. Even if I did have a dozen that were similar, why would you get bent out of shape about it?

Personally, I could not care less how many blogs someone maintains or what they choose to publish, as long as it's not criminal.