Friday, September 30, 2005

oh good grief

Why do Conservatives, the supposedly "moral" party, put up with the blatent falsehoods which drip from the lips of their leaders? This from Bill Bennett, speaking on Fox's Hannity and Colmes:
One must be very careful one gets into these arguments and we try to do it. But, you know, we try on this show to do serious and controversial issues. And it's a big country and it's a free country. We don't put liberals down. We don't put people down with whom we disagree. We talk about serious things in a serious way. And if you're not allowed to talk about these subjects, then it's not the country it's supposed to be. (thanx to J-Wild)
How any prominent Republican (except maybe Bob McCain, or poor discredited Collin Powell) can utter such total nonsense with a straight face is mind-boggling. The GOP's power is based almost entirely on trash-talking liberals (and the liberals feeble attempts to evade such talk). It certainly isnt based on carrying out any standard Conservative Policies. He is right about one thing. In America, it ought to be okay to talk about anything, just as long as you dont expect everyone to like it, or to let you remain in a position of influence if they dont agree.

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